New Champion Etta! Merlina Major Winner at Carson City! Newest kids Journey & Libby hit the show ring

Welcome to Bigfoot Legend Danes, presented by Linda & Jerry Lauermann, Steven & Greg Vigil and Shannon & Frank Rich. We are located outside Auburn in the “Gold Country” foothills and in the countryside outside Lincoln, California (near Sacramento).

We are excited to have our kids, Merlina, Etta, Bentley and Jag off to great starts in the show ring.  Also we have two new Bigfoot show kids, Libby and Journey born April 2019.  Our newest kids are out of CH Sarvilla DND’s Toast V Dublin and our AKC Major Pointed “Merlina”.  Watch them grow on their pages under Gentle Foot

 Pictured below is a wonderful old picture of 8 of our dogs reflecting their awesome temperament.  All lived to nice old ages, 2 over 10, 3 over 11 with Merlin & Oreo over 12 and Kapalua over 14 1/2!!

Linda and Jerry Lauermann have owned Great Danes for over 40 years. Any breeding has been carefully selected with the first focus on health and temperament, these puppies being family members first. As a result, we can take pride in having many Great Danes in the line living 11 to 14 years old.

Steven and Greg Vigil are newer to owning Great Danes and the excitement of the Show Ring.  They have both beautiful Porsche and their new boy Jag.

The Rich’s are joining us again with their new mantle girl “Libby”.

Along with health and temperament, we have focused on improving conformation and color with any proposed litter. We want to produce the finest looking, best moving lap dogs in the ring or on the family’s couch!

IntlCH “Veteran”, IntlCH “Chico”, IntlCH Merlin, “Yeti”, CH/IntlCH “Duncan”

Our Great Danes are carefully health checked before breeding for OFA hips, eye cerf, heart echo, thyroid and general well being.

A Great Dane is a serious undertaking for a family to make. They cost more to raise, need a more expensive diet, will be more costly for any vet treatment because of their size, and absolutely require being a family member. These are not dogs that do well left on their own protecting the backyard. They are beautiful for everyone to see, they are definitely not for everyone to own. If you want to find out more about whether this is the breed for you, please contact us with questions and to find out more.

Thank you for visiting our family of Great Danes!
Linda and Jerry Lauermann
Steven and Greg Vigil

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